UFO illustration process

I usually start with different traditional sketches before making my digital illustrations (either vector or raster).  I quickly draw the composition, global colors and general mood.

UFO, sketch

Then it’s time to build a cleaner (and somehow softer) version using Affinity Designer.

Ufo, split view

The final result :



Memphis Monsters

These 3 drawings were made in 2017. It all started with sketches inspired by some furniture designed by the Memphis Group that I turned into some kind of freaky (but not too scary) monsters.

All the digital painting part was done in Affinity Photo with an old Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. I used different brushes to mimic the traditional painting and gave a rough aspect to my creatures. The choice of the tool, Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo, depends on the mood that I want to give to my drawings (“clean” or “expressive”).