Pacman fanart

Same workflow as usual, I took a recent sketch that I decided to turn into a vector drawing of Pacman. I had to compromise on some features like the ghosts’ faces, and the final look is a little bit “froggy”. After a few adjustments and changes, I turned him into a more classic version. 🙂

The first version had a too green color and teeth that I eventually skipped.
The final version

Repair Boy

My last drawing, done in Affinity Designer. This time I tried to add more details and to focus on the lights effects.

Repair boy
Outline view


I finally found some free time to have fun, once again drawing a vehicle in Affinity Designer. The process is still the same : hand sketch then vector drawing. This one was a little bit tricky since I used a 3 points perspective.

The initial sketch
Split view of the (almost) final version
Here it is…

The Gardener

Last work done in Affinity Designer. I tried some organic touch although a vector illustration is not necessarily the most appropriate way to render it.
And yes, I think this guy is harvesting his cousins…

Flying Car Process

Here’s a mini WIP of my last illustration.
As always, everything started with a rough sketch that gave the global mood.

Then I build the image, using a little exaggerated perspective. I also add some details on the background like the small vehicle flying  in the opposite direction of the main one. Since, unfortunately, Affinity Designer doesn’t currently have a warp tool, in order to follow the perspective, the Chinese text has been distorted in Affinity Photo and is rasterized.

Eventually I put the lights and colors on the scene, trying to be a little bit less boring than the initial sketch.  The contrast helps to focus on the vehicle.